COVID-19 Detection Kit [For Human]

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Permit Information

This is a class I IVD medical device
Virus Transport Medium ( I20020.01 )
Product License Number : In vitro No. 20-1916

Product information

Product Name: A+CheQ Saliva Kit
Volume: VTM 2ml/Tube
Packing info: 50 ea/pack
Component: vtm (1ea), disposable funnel (1ea)
purpose: to collect and store specimen/samples from saliva
Component information
a. VTM
- transport medium used to collect sample from human for the In-vitro diagnostic and research purposes. use to preserve and transport the collected sample.
b. disposable funnel
- component used to assist collecting saliva samples during sample collection.
Storage and shelf life: 12 months at room temperature
Storage and shelf life after sample collection:
15 days at room temperature or 60 days at 4 ℃

Instruction for Use

Gargle 30 minutes before saliva collection.

Open the VTM and insert the disposable funnel. Spit the saliva until designated line to collect saliva sample

Remove the funnel from the tube, dispose it in medical waste-bin.

firmly close the VTM with tube with a cap.

Turn the tube up and down 4-5 times to mix saliva and the reagent included in the VTM


1. Check the product and packaging for damage before use.
2. This product is a disposable product and should not be reused.
3. Take only one sample per kit. collect single human saliva sample in one transport medium.
4. Do not drink the component included in the VTM. If it comes in contact with the skin or the eyes, wash it under running water.

Key Benifits

We have developed various COVID-19 diagnostic tools through continuous research. Each diagnostic tool has the same accuracy. However, the time taken to present the diagnostic results varies from at least 20 minutes to up to 150 minutes.
All transactions are made with a contract. Use contracts written in English in common. After completing the contract, we will pay the payment in the manner indicated in the contract and ship the product within the time limit.

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