AMSBIO is a leader in medicine and bio products, and has developed innovative medicines and devices
to help improve human quality of life and lead a healthy life.
The Primary Keys for AMSBIO

Three corporate values we need to maintain

We had a lot of concerns about bio products that started in 2000. We have tried and worked hard to solve various problems. But rather than solving all the problems, I was more concerned about which problems to solve first. We had to set our own rules to solve these problems.

Innovation, Responsibility and Network are the key to solving all of these problems, we believe. I also believe that trying not to lose these three values is the true value of the bio-industry.

We think the critical purpose of R&D is INNOVATION. The better medical products will enable more accurate diagnosis. Treatment is important, but accurate diagnosis had to be preceded before treatment.

A product that without its social responsibility cannot be a good product. Theseday, products made for profit will eventually disappear without any help in improving the quality of life. We have invested in future value rather than immediate profit to create only products that can truly benefit this society.

It’s a global network era where the world is living as a society. The bio-industry also needs to make products that meet the needs of the global market, not the development of products that are based on their own people. To this end, we work with various organizations around the world to address global issues.

Studying and Researching

Eternal Innovation

More than Disease

Virus and Vacteria continue to be discovered and developed. AMSBIO doesn't think the product we just made is suitable for future health issues. In order for us to overcome disease, we must continue to develop more than disease. That's why we don't stop R&D.</span>
The top priority of Human being

Social Responsibility

More than Profit

Companies in the bio industry must have both profit and social responsibility. The people who purchase products we make will be in health trouble. Making products more accurate and safe will help people in these situation. This is the social responsibility of bio industry.
Global Coopreration for Health issues

Global Network

More than Domestic

Inter-country exchanges are active in all industries. Civilization develops through this process, but diseases among countries are spreading rapidly. Only multinational case-based studies, rather than domestic ones, can pinpoint these problems and study quick prescriptions.