AMS will thrive for excellence for value and for our goals.

Founded in 2000 to contribute to human and global health, AMSBIO has developed innovative technologies and devices for developing diagnostic materials.

We thank you for visiting our site. Our challenge that started since the year 2000 is still on-going and will be continued.

We have a strong aim to become a leading bio tech company with strong functions, information and technology.

“To provide the required technology and products to our customers so that they can also innovate.”

Building better the Global Health Condition.

AMSBIO Cooperation with the World

We will take the lead in overcoming COVID-19.

In order to cooperate more in global issues, AMSBIO is increasing the development of diagnostic kits that can help fight COVID-19. To help with more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment, AMSBIO is also stepping up its product development today.

The products we are making today will help more people's health tomorrow. Only constant research can make tomorrow better.
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